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Welcome to our virtual event series where you will find a discussions covering various topics regarding virtual events. Stick around to see new seasons covering new topics throughout 2020.

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Creating and Hosting a Virtual Event

Clarity has defined the three most important things in a virtual event. In this video, we'll talk about the importance of the Purpose, the Production, and last but not least the People.

Virtual Event Production Value

We were all thrown a curveball with having to move live events to be completely virtual. This was an adjustment in the event industry but with high quality production value, you can still delivery your message and create a great experience for your attendees!

How to Spice Up a Virtual Event

In this video, we talk about what the Clarity sauce is, what difference it makes in a live event, and how we plan to bring it to the virtual event experience.

Survey Results - Will Live Events Return in the Fall?

In this video, we go over the results of our survey about live events returning the fall, expectations, and things to overcome in the events industry.

Will Live Events Return in the Fall?

In this video, we discuss the survey questions that were sent out to event planners all around the country to find out if they are expecting live events to return in the fall and what safety measures they'd like to see put in place. To take the survey, please visit here.

Down & Dirty with Virtual Events