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Clarity is a creative production company committed to making events remarkable. Clarity has a focus on the audio visual and creative production elements of both virtual and live events. If you are a motivated AV professional with a unique skill set in project management, leadership, and creative production Clarity would be a place where you could find a long-term home. Clarity is a family company that cares about long-term decisions and how to care for our employees and customers during the current circumstances in the event industry.

Position Overview

Clarity’s producers are responsible for managing all aspects of their events in alignment with our culture. Delivering a remarkable event for all involved is the responsibility of the producer. Our producers are the key point of contact with our customers and work as a partner with the account executives to understand the vision of the client and deliver an exceptional event. The role requires strong organizational and planning skills, comprehensive knowledge of live events, and the ability to lead and manage teams. Our producers spend a lot of time on the road in different cities across North America. The live events industry is seasonal as a Clarity producer you will have times in the year that are extremely demanding and others that are a bit more relaxed. As we look towards our events in 2021 the producer role will need to be versed in virtual event technologies, have the ability to understand software and systems that work in a remote and virtual environment.

Key Responsibilities

Project Management:

As a producer you will be assigned events, each of these events is like a project that requires extensive preplanning, client communication, and organizational skills. Our most successful producers can manage multiple events by building strong teams to support them. Each event will have a budget that the producer will be responsible to achieve while delivering a remarkable event that exceeds what our customers are expecting. Having the ability to clearly communicate changes to the event scope and budget is a skill set that is required in this role.

Technical Knowledge:

While as the Producer you are not considered the expert in any specific discipline such as audio, lighting, or video, you are required to have a knowledge of how these technologies work within the live and virtual event space. You will be able to lean on your technical experts, however, it is the responsibility of the Producer to make sure the technical design of the event is built in a way to allow for the team to achieve an amazing result. Being comfortable with software, streaming, and virtual event technologies is critical in this role.

At Clarity our culture is our most important company value and differentiator. To be part of Clarity you must be able to have fun, build relationships, work hard, play hard, give authentic feedback, and truly enjoy participating in the culture of the company. We are not your typical corporate production company it matters who we work with, what customers we support, and the people that are part of the Clarity family. Our Producers are key to extending the company culture into the show environment and promoting the values of the company throughout all those involved in our events. While live events can by and often are stressful the Producer is responsible to see the big picture and plan to ensure that our teams and customers have a great time on each event



As a Clarity producer, you will be the leader and often the most senior Clarity representative at your events. Your ability to lead teams, set clear expectations, manage financial decisions, identify challenges, and solve problems is a requirement of the role. Providing the type of leadership where your teams chose to follow you rather than being told to follow you is what makes the Clarity producers different.

Creative Fun Organized
Intelligent Efficient Strong Work Ethic
Leadership Software Savvy Positive
Enthusiastic Thorough Logical
Detail Oriented Professional Humble


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