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Shit you must see to believe! We have tons of educational content to help you learn more about the events industry as well as some sizzle reels to get the creative juices flowing!

AV Insights & Advice

Discussing various topics regarding live, virtual, and hybrid events. Stick around and get insights from the industry's finest. 

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Live Event Highlights

Get inspired with just a taste of what we do best. Live events designed to soar above the others. Lights. Camera. Clarity. 

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Virtual Event Highlights

Doing it better than anyone in the game and that's how we like it. Discover the magic of virtual events with this playlist. 

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Behind The Scenes

A look into how the pizza is made. Discussions on strategy and finding success in the beautiful chaos of event production. 

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A Blog That's Actually Useful

Stay current in our industry with articles containing insider advice and innovative ideas so you can make significant impacts at your up-and-coming events.

New Tech For Live Events: Exploring Visual Technologies in AV Production
EL Education ELevate General Session LED Walls

New Tech For Live Events: Exploring Visual Technologies in AV Production

Jun 05, 2024 5 min read
Must Go Places Near Major Convention Centers: A Travel Guide

Must Go Places Near Major Convention Centers: A Travel Guide

Nov 27, 2023 5 min read
Live Streaming Your Event With Clarity: A Checklist

Live Streaming Your Event With Clarity: A Checklist

Sep 28, 2023 4 min read

Success Stories

Ever wanted to know how events are made from start to finish? Here, we go beyond the smoke and haze and find out what it takes to put on a successful and epic event.


AV Production Customer Success Story: ViVE 2022

Clarity Experiences | June 6, 2022

ViVE is quickly becoming a recognizable name at the intersection of healthcare and technology. This four-day collaborative event is among the largest of its kind, with 4000+ attendees and hundreds of presenters, as well as leaders from a diverse range of disciplines across the health-tech industry. 

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Virtual & Live Event Production Customer Success Story: Wiley 

Clarity Experiences | Sept 8th, 2022

Starting as their virtual event collaborator and transitioning to their live event production partner, Clarity created a wonderful friendship with Wiley based off of our need to be creative. To learn about all the details that went into making "Accelerate" like no other, click below to read the article.

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How to increase participation in virtual events?

Attendees' engagement is key during any type of event. It helps you ensure your message gets across and resonates with your audience. Some ideas of increasing participation are live polling, slido integrations, whiteboarding, and virtual scavenger hunts. Partner with us and have peace of mind that you’re collaborating with people who know your needs and bring more than just AV to the table, but new ideas to grow attendee satisfaction.

Check out our gamification page to learn more about attendee engagement at your virtual event!

What is AV in event management?

AV simply means audio-visual. Clarity specializes in the production of AV for events of all types and sizes. We add the spectacular lights and earth-shattering sound that turn your event into an experience. AV stretches from monitors on the exhibit hall floor to a 50ft LED wall with line array speakers in the general session. We are your one-stop-shop for all things AV related. 

Learn more about adding epic audio and immersive video to your event on our AV production page.

Why are hybrid events Important?

Live events are king for impactful and memorable experiences, while virtual events can be a helpful enhancement since they let those who can’t attend live, still be able to enjoy the event. Hybrid events blend these two worlds and help expand your audience and give companies a lot of post-event content to use for marketing materials. For some, it’s more convenient for people to consume content online. Yet, that doesn't replace the value of the live experience of bringing people together to share different ideas and the culture of your company.

What are your event audio visual services?

No matter the event scale or budget, we bring it. We offer different services to make your live event more impactful. Some of the services we provide are AV Production, Creative Content Set Design, Exhibits, presentation management, etc. Clarity is a full-service exhibit provider. We handle ordering, invoicing, delivering, setup, and on-site support.

Check out a more in depth look at our services in the Live Events and Virtual Events tabs above! 

What Is Clarity Experiences?

Great question! We are an audio visual production company that handles everything from audio, video, lighting, and so much more! We're not just your average AV company either. We source the best talent from a variety of industries to give our customers events that kick ass. If it's never been done before, we'll do it. If it doesn't exist, we'll create it. And maybe along the way, we'll become friends and get a drink when it's all said and done!



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