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Virtual event producers creating remarkable online event experiences

A virtual event has different components to it such as broadcasting, studio staging, webcasting, live streaming, video recording, video editing, and content & presentation management. Clarity is a virtual event producer that can help you perfect these different components and help make sure your virtual event delivers an impactful experience to your audience, just like a live event!


Why Clarity Experiences As Your Virtual Event Producer

An effective approach to virtual event solutions

Clarity is a virtual event producer and our approach to virtual events is to focus on helping companies bring their message and their purpose from the live environment to the virtual environment, as well as bringing the production value to a virtual environment, and combating challenges for presenters so they can focus on the message.

Purpose of a virtual event

Virtual meeting production companies suggest that just like in a live event, when it comes to virtual events, you should start with the purpose of the event, not the platform. Figure out what the purpose of your event is, the audience that is attending, and what the message is you’re trying to communicate. Get rid of the noise and focus on the most important pieces of content to drive home the purpose and the message!

virtual meeting planning purpose

Production value of a virtual event

Production value is the key to attendee engagement. Paying attention to the details like a virtual studio design, animated titles and graphics, registration pages, landing pages, session pages, marketing campaigns, music, Q&A, and polling are what’s going to set your event apart from others.

virtual events production value

People behind a virtual event

It takes a team to successfully execute a virtual event and that team is going to be treated very similarly to a live event. You’re going to have virtual meeting production companies, producers, and virtual technicians whose role is to support the rehearsals. You’re also going to have attendee technical support during the event, just like you would in a live event, to keep the flow of the event seamless.

virtual meeting production team


It takes a virtual event producer and a team to successfully execute a virtual event and that team is going to be treated very similarly to a live event. You’re going to have producers and virtual technicians whose role is to support the rehearsals. You’re also going to have attendee technical support during the event, just like you would in a live event, to keep the flow of the event seamless.


Virtual Event Solutions for All Your Needs

Virtual Events

Virtual meeting production companies can help you host a completely virtual event and create compelling content that will get your message across while keeping attendees engaged. 

Corporate Meetings

Virtual event producers help put on corporate meeting that keep offices globally connected through internal communication with goal-oriented, professionally streamed content. 

Online Conferences

Create live stream content, on-demand content, or a combination of both with creative tools for attendee interaction. 

Pre-Recording Presentations

Virtual event companies assist with prerecorded content packages you can use Clarity's equipment & people for any remote event or presentation! Learn More

Hybrid Events

Host a live event, while also having the option to live stream the content for people to watch virtually at any time. 

Product Launches

An easy way to share a new product with your audience and allow them a space to provide feedback.

Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual event platforms and integrations

As a virtual event producer, Clarity is an expert on a variety of different platforms and integrations in the industry, ranging from beginner platforms to advanced platforms. We work with our customers and planners to figure out which platform will best fit their needs.  

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Clarity Platform

Clarity's Virtual Experience

Our very own proprietary platform that allows you to easily host a virtual event for hundreds of attendees.


Bizzabo Virtual Events

Deliver a remarkable virtual event with a full suite of services including webcasting, engagement tools, and real-time insights.


Jublia Virtual Conference

This virtual conference solution combines knowledge discovery and 1-1 matchmaking to keep your audience engaged.

Virtual Event Company Studio

We don't have your average virtual studio. Clarity has a local virtual studio at our corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, California. Our virtual studio is not your average virtual studio because our location includes an executive conference room, a green room, and a break area for food and beverage. It’s a great place for presenters and executives to broadcast or pre-record sessions. In addition to the amazing office environment, you have all of the technical components of a full-service studio: multiple cameras, stage and studio lighting, custom digital scenic environments, and green screen surrounds. But, what’s even better is that we can build the same virtual studio or whatever kind of virtual studio you want, wherever you’re located!


Virtual Event Producer Product and Technical Team

Product and technical components of our virtual event company studio 

On the technical side, our virtual studio includes:

  • Curved High Resolution LED Digital Backdrop
  • SkyPanel Kino Flos (fluorescent studio lighting)
  • LED Stage Lighting
  • Custom Stage
  • Playback and Program Audio
  • Confidence Monitors 
  • Multiple Camera Options 
  • Live Streaming Machines
  • Recording Options
  • Dedicated Fiber Circuit
  • Control room

High Production Value with Virtual Event Producers

Our virtual event company studio adds the production value you need for your virtual event to stand out:

Your presenters feel like they are on stage, which gives them enthusiasm and energy
  • Presenters can be live or remote and still be part of the virtual studio set
  • Your audience receives an elevated experience improving their engagement
  • The virtual studio and production level offers a variety of branding and sponsorship options

Hassle-Free Virtual Event Companies

Our virtual event company studio is hassle-free and allows you to put on a remarkable event.

With our virtual studio you have: 

  • Easy studio access between Interstate 5 and the 241
  • Easy filming and recording with flexible scheduling
  • Easy access to the Clarity technical team
  • Build a studio in your office and have the ultimate in ease of use and flexibility

Pre-Record Virtual Event Solutions

All the virtual event solution features of Clarity so you can work remote

Virtual meeting production companies can help you create presentations to capture for your next event and you’re not quite sure how you’re going to fit it into your schedule or get the quality you’re looking for? Clarity has the equipment and people to pre-record small or large batches of presentations for any event and it’s all done remotely! 

Learn more about pre-recorded content

Virtual Event Companies Offer Different Locations and Flexibility

Clarity is the virtual event producer that can help you event wherever you are

Clarity has experience in traveling and putting on events all over the United States. Our team is flexible and come to you, wherever you are located to help make your virtual event remarkable.


  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Detroit

  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Orlando
  • San Antonio
  • San Francisco
  • Washington DC

Virtual Event Solution Case Study

Inside look at virtual event solutions

Clarity put on a virtual event with ioXt, a security company in Newport Beach, California. Clarity provided ioXt with the studio environment and technology to produce and stream their live event. Clarity helped ioXt with building/branding landing pages and content editing to make their virtual event remarkable!

See the inside look at ioXt

The event with ioXt went very well. But past that, the beauty of our approach as a company is the long-term relationships that are formed and the potential to continue to improve and engage your audience in different ways as we work together over time. To us, that is the most remarkable part!


Benefits of Pre Recorded Content


Clarity helped ioXt with their virtual event. They used our studio environment and technology and we helped them with branding and building their landing pages!

"We had lots of support for the virtual event that was on a very tight timeline. We were very pleased with the outcome and will be partnering with Clarity for our quarterly conferences moving forward. Our expectations were not only met, but they were exceeded. The whole Clarity team was responsive, supportive, proactive, and highly professional throughout the whole process."

Elizabeth Hand
Marketing Manager, ioXt


Mississippi River Parkway Commission

Clarity helped MRPC with their virtual conference. We created custom backgrounds, presentation content, and had multiple remote presenters!

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Clarity to do the National MRPC Conference yesterday and things went so smoothly.  My compliments to you and the team.  Abe, Oz, Kurt, all of the folks that made this such a wonderful experience.  I would recommend your company to anyone.”

Sherry Quamme
Chairperson, MRPC


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Virtual Event Solutions Questions & Answers

Answers from a virtual event company to help you make your decision

Clarity put together a list of our most frequently asked questions as well as some supporting content to help you learn all about your virtual options!

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