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Take Control Back From COVID-19 With

Virtual Meetings


Virtual meetings are a low-stress solution to continue having meetings while taking the precautionary actions needed in regards to COVID-19! Clarity has several different virtual meeting solutions to support your meeting or event, and with all of the moving pieces involved, you don’t want to deal with that on your own. We have experts that will work specifically with you and your virtual meeting to make your event remarkable while also making your life as easy as possible!

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Faced With Cancellation Fees & Attendee Refunds?

Solution #1

If you aren’t able to cancel your meeting space without having high fees to pay, you can keep a portion of the space and use virtual meetings to live stream to attendees anywhere! This creates a live event environment for your viewers from the comfort of their own home or office. Using this virtual meeting concept, presenters can be live or remote, which is awesome. With a live presenter, you can still utilize the staging and lighting you had installed. If your presenter is remote, you can use Zoom or GoToMeeting and Clarity will make sure that the presentation and content are formatted and delivered to your attendees the right way.


Event Cancellations? Don't Throw the Towel in Yet!

Solution #2

If you have already canceled your live meeting but still want a way to make it happen, not to worry, you can have a semi-remote virtual meeting! You can work with Clarity to identify a central location for the technology set up. Rented office space or just office space, in general, are great options and we will take it from there! Presenters can still be live and your audience can be remote and Clarity will help deliver your message to hundreds or even thousands of attendees!


Have a Message to Communicate? Let's Do This!

Solution #3

If you have already canceled your live event, but still want to communicate your message, a pre-recorded solution may be right for you! Presenters can submit presentations or work with Clarity to help record their presentations in a way that aligns with a live event environment. Clarity can add music, introductions, and transitions, along with videos and slides to enhance the user experience!


The Show Must go on...With Completely Virtual Meetings

Solution #4

If you have a meeting that absolutely must go on and it’s impossible to bring people together, consider a completely virtual meeting! In this solution, both attendees and presenters are remote. Completely virtual meetings can still incorporate features like breakout rooms, moderated Q&A, and polling to retain an interactive feel for attendees. Stakeholders and conference organizers have access to sophisticated analytics and opportunities for branding with product, conference or sponsor logos. Completely virtual meetings can accommodate audiences of any size, with the ability for custom registration and platform monetization! 


Some information to help you make a decision

that is the right decision for your event and attendees

Are virtual meetings right for me?

With everything going on in the world right now, virtual meetings have become a lifesaver in our industry.

  • If your attendees are unable to attend due to traveling
  • If you have attendees at remote offices or home
  • If you want to distribute your information even if holding the meeting isn’t feasible 

These are just a few of the many reasons a virtual meeting might be right for you. Regardless of the reason, Clarity is here for you.

Resources to stay informed

Virtual meetings are a cost-effective and stress-free solution to help navigate this curve ball we have been thrown! To stay informed on the situation, Clarity has been monitoring and checking the CDC website daily and have been abiding by these three rules:

  • Keep calm and wash your hands
  • Keep calm and wipe down all surfaces
  • Keep calm and don't touch your face

Did we mention keep calm? But in all seriousness, try to stay calm and follow the advice of the experts, they know what they're talking about! 

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