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Welcome to our video series where you will find a discussions covering various topics regarding live, hybrid, and virtual events. Stick around to see new episodes covering new topics throughout the year.

New Episodes
Designing a Remarkable Event

In episode 13 of AV Insights & Advice, Gary Lagestee, VP of Customer Development, and Chris Dumapias, Creative director, talk all about Clarity's approach to event design!

Virtual Events & Bizzabo

In episode 12 of AV Insights & Advice, we talk all about Bizzabo's virtual platform!

Hybrid Event Production Costs

In episode 11 of AV Insights & Advice, we dig into hybrid events and how much they cost relative to what your budget has been in the past.

On-site COVID 19 Testing

In episode 10 of AV Insights & Advice, we talk discuss on site COVID testing at live events!

Expected Trends in Hybrid Events

In episode 9 of AV Insights & Advice, Brian and Andi how to approach events in 2021 as well as some trends to expect.

Virtual Events in Action - Demo

As we wrap up this video series, we created a virtual event demonstration to walk you through the capabilities of Clarity's virtual event experience.

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