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Welcome to our video series where you will find a discussions covering various topics regarding live, hybrid, and virtual events. Stick around to see new episodes covering new topics throughout the year.

New Episodes
AV Production for SKOs

In this episode, Jocelyn and Gary discuss using AV production for sales kickoffs and other internal-related meetings and events. They cover the benefits of using an AV partner and insights from both a meeting planner and AV production perspective.

Benefits of Master Service Agreements

In this episode - Brian and Amit discuss MSA's - Master Service Agreements. They detail their insights from past years and suggest programs/improvement recommendations for event planners and companies to supplement for their future events.

How Live Events Have Changed

In episode 17 of AV Insights & Advice, Gary, Brett, and Adam discuss the ever-changing landscape of live events and the new technologies that have come into play out of the pandemic.

Virtual Speakers & Hybrid Presenters

We have another episode of AV Insights & Advice for you guys! In this week's episode, Gary gives us some best practices for presenting in the hybrid space along with tips for attendees on how to get the most out of a virtual event.

Zoom Presenting Tips From The Experts

We have another episode of AV Insights & Advice for you guys! In this week's episode, we show you a demonstration of some of the best & worst Zoom practices.

Interactivity in Hybrid Events

In episode 14 of AV Insights & Advice, Brian Stewart, VP of Sales, and Adam Findley, Senior Producer, talk about AV production tips for hybrid events and how connecting the two audiences is key.

Designing a Remarkable Event

In episode 13 of AV Insights & Advice, Gary Lagestee, VP of Customer Development, and Chris Dumapias, Creative director, talk all about Clarity's approach to event design!

Virtual Events & Bizzabo

In episode 12 of AV Insights & Advice, we talk all about Bizzabo's virtual platform!

Hybrid Event Production Costs

In episode 11 of AV Insights & Advice, we dig into hybrid events and how much they cost relative to what your budget has been in the past.

On-site COVID 19 Testing

In episode 10 of AV Insights & Advice, we talk discuss on site COVID testing at live events!

Expected Trends in Hybrid Events

In episode 9 of AV Insights & Advice, Brian and Andi how to approach events in 2021 as well as some trends to expect.

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