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Virtual Event University

Welcome to our virtual event content library where you will find a variety of examples and educational content regarding virtual events.


Virtual Recording Studio


How to Bring in Remote Presenters


Clarity Virtual Event Commercial


Introduction to Virtual Events

In this video, you will learn about how to plan a virtual event, the cost of virtual events, attendee engagement, Q&A, the definition of a “Platform”, and more...


Virtual Event Platform Demo Recording

This video will walk through and demonstrate all the elements of a virtual event. You will see examples of the Event Home Page (Platform), General Session, Breakouts, and the other elements of a virtual event.


Keynote Speaker & Production Value

David Meltzer, award-winning keynote presenter, gives a virtual keynote presentation from a virtual stage at the Clarity Studio. Experience the production value and question and answer session that is a step above your typical zoom meeting.


LinkedIn Livestream & Virtual Production

David Meltzer conducts a LinkedIn livestream pitch contest with virtual guests from our virtual stage at the Clarity Studio. David and Brian Lagestee take on questions from the live audience and talk about production value.