AV Insights & Advice Episode 12: Bizzabo Demo



We are back with another episode of AV Insights & Advice! This week we have David Mendoza and Paul Masi from Clarity Experiences. Today we are going to talk about Bizzabo.

Virtual events have a lot of variables that need to be understood so that you can have a successful event. After looking at a lot of different platforms, one of the ones we landed on is called Bizzabo. We chose Bizzabo because of its flexible features. So whether you need a single or multi-day event, or if you have 100-10,000 attendees, Bizzabos’ got you covered. So event planners don't have to worry about the scale of their event. So from registration to the analytics, Bizzabo has all the features you need to keep everybody within the same platform so there is no bouncing around to different websites. Whether you're doing a live stream or you need an interaction session or if you have exhibitors or sponsors, Bizzabo has all these features native within the platform.

Bizzabo has registration, agenda, interactive sessions, live streams, and exhibit and sponsor booths all natively built on the platform.

Looking deeper into the registration, this platform allows you to create your own custom form so that you can gather really specific information on your attendees. Once the attendees have registered for your event, they also have the option to join the community, which allows them to find and connect with other attendees at the event. Customization doesn't end there. With agenda, you can change logos, colors, and much more. You can change the elements to each session as well. 

In Bizzabo, interactive sessions can engage attendees with whiteboards, surveys, chat, and more. 

On top of all of this, Bizzabo has powerful analytics so you can gain some really great insight into your event, such as how popular a session was, how many people attended a session, and you can also get user ID analytics so you can see how long someone attended one of your sessions. It's not easy to make a virtual event engaging and entertaining. Even with a good platform, it takes hours of design work and preparation to execute a successful virtual event. Nonetheless, Bizzabo provides a powerful framework to help your vision come to life. 

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