An AV Production Customer Success Story: HLTH

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AV Production Customer Success Story: HLTH

Top Notch AV in Las Vegas

Entrance Hallway At HLTH 2023 Featuring Digital Signage

Sometimes, great partnerships and friendships can come in one package. And when they do, some pretty creative magic happens. This past year’s HLTH event in Las Vegas was the biggest and baddest yet. That didn’t come without its fair share of planning and group effort. Let’s dive into the world of producing live events with special attention to blowing attendees’ minds with creatives and figuring out how to do that without going carte blanche on the budget. 

The Perfect Partnership

A Busy Exhibit Hall With A View Of The Sky Stage

The connection between HLTH and Clarity was so strong that it felt like Taylor Swift's "Sparks Fly" was written specifically about our introduction. We instantly knew that we had to join forces and work together. Jokes aside, HLTH chose to work with us because they wanted their events to be an ever changing getaway of experiences for their attendees year after year. That's exactly what we set out to deliver.

Jiving together and having fun is great, but we needed to show HLTH that when Clarity produces events, we bring it. A few years later, we can safely say that together, we stepped up the game of live events in the healthcare industry. But how were we able to keep stimulating the minds of HLTH’s accomplished attendees in 2023?

Innovative AV Production Solutions

Sea Stage At HLTH 2023 With Hard-Set

How do you be unique and also innovative? How do you compete with yourself for creativity's sake? These are the main questions we ask ourselves when planning each HLTH event, but they aren’t the only pain points. The best way to accomplish these overwhelming tasks is to get ahead. Everyone involved needs to meet months before the event begins to get back to the basics of the what, how, and why. The AV production company, the GC, and the client all need to sit down and think about the brand, tone, and goal. What is HLTH and what are they trying to convey to the attendees? 

After a theme is decided on, they decide how they can correlate the theme to the messaging. Leaning more abstractly allows you to be more fun and creative in the design itself. This year, the concept of using the earth’s elements came about. HLTH researched pictures of the elements to see if they could get some inspiration. During the planning stage, no idea is a bad idea and all parties came to the table with their own ideas to help create something new and wonderful. When everyone collaborates like this, it begins to mesh different fields like hard sets and technology so they flow well together come show day.

Navigation Successful Event Production

Main General Session Stage At HLTH 2023 with Giant LEDs

It wasn’t all daisies and tequila, as some challenges still found ways to present themselves. The more creative you get with your “WOW Factor '' the more you start to see costs rise. In our case, there was lots of coordination between us and the GC to make sure we didn’t break the bank. Tie down meetings were crucial to make sure we covered all the bases. It does get easier if you continue to work with reliable partners year over year because partnerships present the advantage of historical knowledge and help create less and less on site challenges. 

The Highlights

Don’t just take our word for it. Our collective teams really work hard on these events and it shows. Check it out for yourself and see the magic that was HLTH 2023.

Key Production Takeaways and Recommendations

Earth Stage At HLTH 2023

Ideation plays a critical role in introducing fresh and valuable ideas each year, as it brings a unique and distinct perspective. Partnerships and Master Service Agreements (MSAs) are beneficial for addressing year-over-year challenges and ideation meetings. It makes sense that if you continue to work with the same people that you’ll develop a better understanding with each other, which will help with early communication/capability issues that usually arise with brand new partners. Additionally, your team possesses the necessary expertise because they’ve done it before.

Work With Clarity Experiences

Claritys Best Driving Through The Exhibit Hall During Set

At Clarity, we believe that events should be engaging, extraordinary, and enjoyable for everyone involved, not just the attendees. As an all-in-one experiential AV production company, we have the expertise and determination to handle any challenge you present to us. Regardless of the scale or budget of your events, we are committed to ensuring your conference runs smoothly because when you collaborate with us, you become part of our family. We understand that event planning can be challenging, so don't face it alone. Lean on us to assist you in creating a truly remarkable experience.

We hope you'll join us later this year at HLTH 2024 taking place October 20-23 at the Venetian in Las Vegas! Learn more here.

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