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ViVE is quickly becoming a recognizable name at the intersection of healthcare and technology. This four-day collaborative event is among the largest of its kind, with 4000+ attendees and hundreds of presenters, as well as leaders from a diverse range of disciplines across the health-tech industry. To maintain its status in innovation, event organizers leave nothing to chance. That’s why they partnered with Clarity Experiences to enhance its brand as a pioneer in digital health via professional AV production.

Using AV Production to Bring Creativity, Passion, and Innovation Under One Roof


ViVE provides a space where the best and brightest minds in healthcare and technology come together to create, share, network, and innovate. Lackluster audio visual production has no place at ViVE, as the entire event is designed to inspire its attendees.

Hosted in Miami, the team took inspiration from Miami’s art scene and adapted it to their event space. Large graphics embodied a tropical look and feel and spanned entire staircases, walls, and objects to make the space more immersive and purpose-built.

An event like ViVE takes months of planning, with much of the work coming down to the final few weeks. Pulling a creative vision together under tight deadlines adds to the challenge. What’s more, the ViVE Creative Team is now involved in two events per year, which doesn’t allow as much time to craft and execute a unique design and content for each space.

However, content remains one of the most critical aspects of ViVE, according to HLTH's Creative Director Michael Hoefler. “Content plays a role in personality, especially in healthcare. There’s so much homogeneity because people take a corporate and conservative approach to healthcare. But we know healthcare isn’t boring; it’s exciting! The people who come to our event enjoy life and want to have a good time. You want that branding to reciprocate the experience, create excitement, and showcase the passion our attendees have for their jobs.”

Event Production Highlights


Clarity Experiences enjoyed the pleasure of partnering with ViVE’s Creative Team on the AV production front. From designing eye-catching signage solutions to creating immersive, well-branded experiences, Clarity Experiences helped ViVE quickly transform a standard space into a purpose-built retreat.

A Not-So-General Session

Given the size of the event, we put hundreds of hours into pre-production. Part of this includes having a team at Clarity Experiences speak to every presenter before the event. We let them know what to expect, coach them on what happens on stage, and provide an on-site walkthrough before they present. Behind the scenes, we do full greenroom buildouts, including refreshments and professional stage managers.

We look at every space we’re in to figure out how we can best present the content and speakers and create a unique experience. In this case, we had a black custom stage, which reflected the light well and looks good on camera. The ceiling was a black reflective surface as well; both surfaces reflected the bright colors of the screen designs to make the content pop.

AV in ViVE’s Exhibit Hall

Clarity Experiences handles audio visual production for more than general sessions and breakouts. For ViVE, we installed more than 250 monitors in the exhibit hall, as well as two large LED walls. The four-sided social wall kept attendees engaged with real-time Tweets and other social updates, while the Tech Talk wall offered insights throughout the day.

Having the same AV production company for general sessions, breakouts, and exhibit hall features creates greater continuity for your event. You have one source for all your questions, issues, and ideas. You also have someone dedicated solely to AV instead of all the other aspects of your event.

Digital Signage at ViVE

The digital signage at ViVE showcased the event’s sponsors, as well as advertisements and other event activities. To support our digital signage strategy, we used a couple of different types of LED signage. One was a large V-shaped wall that allowed attendees to view the sign’s information and details from a distance. The V design allowed walking traffic to see the sign in both directions.

The second was a large-scale flat wall by the registration desk. The size and design of the sign created a Wow! factor as soon as attendees arrived. It showcased sponsors as well as details about the event, and did a great job of introducing people to ViVE.

We took a cloud-based approach to our digital signage management. All signs could be controlled from a central source, and we could update the signs individually or collectively, in real-time.

Clarity Experiences Supports ViVE’s Reputation for Innovation

Working against the clock, the Creative Team needed quick, reliable ways to test and deploy their digital design ideas. One example: the floating ViVE logo for the main stage. “We started doing a lot of the legwork on our end, but when we spoke with Clarity Experiences, our contact said, ‘You don’t have to do any of that. We’ve got the AV production tools and infrastructure for this already set up. It’s going to work. You’re good.’ It was so great seeing our ideas come to life on the main stage, especially since we did all of this under four months.”

As creatives, the ViVE team loved being able to work on the creative elements of the event and leave the technical know-how to Clarity Experiences. They could spend more time developing their ideas and making them the best they could be in the given timeframe.

“It relieves a lot of the pressure and time. You don’t have to worry about how things will get done. You just know it will happen.”

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