Benefits of Pre-Recorded Content For Virtual Events

Oct 14, 2020

Why You Should Use Pre-Recorded Content


In this new world, whether or not you should use pre-recorded content has become a hot topic of conversation. I know Clarity has been asked several times whether pre-recorded content or live content is the better route, so we wanted to address the topic head-on! While there are certain situations where live content is the best route, pre-recorded content can be a lifesaver in many ways. 

Pre-recorded content puts your presenters at ease

Probably one of the biggest benefits of pre-recorded content is that it puts your presenters at ease….which is one of the most important factors in delivering a remarkable event. Pre-recorded content puts your presenters at ease because they can record multiple takes to get their delivery just right. It allows them the ability to make sure the delivery of the presentation is polished, exciting, and exactly how they envisioned it to be, which ultimately leads to less stress and increased confidence.

Not to mention, with pre-recorded content, technical issues can be fixed without the pressure of a live presentation, which would put anyone at ease. This not only creates a more relaxed environment, but it helps ensure a quality product for your attendees, partners, and sponsors. 

Pre-recording the presentation doesn’t mean presenters can’t come on live for Q&A. Clarity actually recommends this format because it gives presenters the ability to see questions coming in during the presentation and have a few minutes to gather their thoughts for the Q&A session. 

Pre-recorded content allows for enhanced production value and editing

Pre recorded content allows for enhanced production value and editing

Up next, we are going to address how pre-recorded content allows for a more enhanced production value and more extensive editing capabilities, which is a benefit in any situation. With pre-recorded content, you can have an introduction (VOG), music, and you can even incorporate fun graphics to kick off the presentation, which requires a lot more planning and rehearsal in a live setting. 

In addition to everything I just mentioned, you can take pre-recorded content a step further and include timing and transitions at just the right time, which help drive your message and give your virtual event that extra WOW factor.  

When talking about enhanced production value and editing capabilities, the benefit you get is that mistakes can be edited out with pre-recorded content. There is less stress on the event team, planner, speaker, and pretty much everyone else who plays a part in a virtual event to nail their part perfectly. If there is any sort of mistake, whether it’s technological, auditory, or any other kind of malfunction, pre-recorded content allows you to fix the problem and edit it out before it is shown to your audience. Just like how putting your presenters at ease is going to create a very natural event, so is this enhanced production value and editing capabilities.  

Finally, an approval process allows for presenters and customers to see the content in advance and make changes if needed be. This ensures the content being shown represents the message and brand. 

Pre-recorded content can be any format

Why you should consider pre-recording your virtual event content.

Let me start this section by asking you to think about what live content you have watched over the past week. You might think you watch a lot of live content, but most of the content we view is pre-recorded. It might appear live when we are watching it, which is the magic of pre-recorded content!  

Pre-recorded content is so versatile and can be shown in so many different formats, which is why you probably think a lot of what you watch is live when it actually is pre-recorded. Pre-recorded content can be in the format of a presentation, panel discussion, debate, announcement, you name it, it can pretty much happen. This versatility is why pre-recorded content is a game-changer. All different types of people can easily host different kinds of events. Hear what Heather Mason of Caspian Agency has to say about pre-recorded content!  

Pre-recorded packages


Now that we have talked all about pre-recorded content and the benefits they offer, you might be wondering how to execute on it. If you are worried about not having the tools or equipment to pre-record your content but think it’s the route you want to go, we got you! Clarity has pre-recorded package options that you can choose from that will allow you to seamlessly pre-record your content. Our different packages include different levels of content capture and editing based on the type of presentation you need...and it’s all done remotely! In addition, we have enhancements that can be added to increase production value and quality. 

Talk to Clarity About Pre-Recorded Content!

There you have it! A few of the reasons why Clarity is all for pre-recorded content. We understand that pre-recorded content isn’t always the best course of action, but in a lot of situations, it is. If you have any questions about pre-recorded content or think you might like to give it a try, Clarity’s got your back! We can help you through every step of the way to make sure your virtual event is remarkable! Contact us today for an RFP or a virtual event demo!

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