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How to Create and Host a Virtual Event

by Clarity Experiences, on Jun 01, 2020

Clarity AV Production Insights & Advice Video Series - Episode 7

Hi everyone, I'm Jennifer, I'm your host today and I'm back at Clarity Experiences with Brian to talk to you about some more AV insights and advice. Today we are going to focus on Clarity’s approach to virtual events. We have broken it down into 3 Ps for you. We have the purpose, the production value, and the people. Right now, everyone is searching for the platform, which is important, but what is more important is the purpose, which is where we are going to start. 

  • How Clarity helps companies bring their message and their purpose from the live environment to the virtual environment
  • How Clarity brings production value to a virtual environment
  • How Clarity helps combat challenges for presenters so they can focus on the message



How does Clarity help companies bring their message and their purpose from the live environment to the virtual environment?


Brian answered this question by first saying that when you’re looking at your events and understanding what you're trying to accomplish, so many planners start trying to find a software or a platform. Brian said that Clarity advises and works with their customers on remembering to talk about the purpose first. Brian talked about how it’s all about understanding why that event is going to happen, what are the elements going to be, who the presenters are going to be, why you’re holding the event, and what the intention of communication to this audience is. 

Brian said, “Once you can do that, we can work with you to figure out how to accomplish this in the most impactful way possible. Once we dive into that purpose and understand it, then we can understand how we are going to deliver and make sure it's an exceptional experience for everyone participating in the event.”

How does Clarity bring production value to a virtual environment?


Brian started this question off by saying that in virtual environments a lot of people are either only seeing a screen with someone talking or they are seeing multiple windows of people on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Adobe Connect, or Webex. Brian said that while this environment does allow you to communicate with people, it doesn't bring any impact to the overall event like a live event where you have environmental things that are impacting you like the lighting, the stage set, and the overall way that the room is situated. 

Brian went on to say, “In a virtual environment you have to think about these same things so you can accomplish that impact with all of your guests and attendees. To do that, you want to think about the graphic background that should be part of the overall event, what it should sound like, what you're looking to do as a lead-in to your presenters, and how you’re going to facilitate that discussion between each of the different people that are presenting either live in a studio environment or possibly remotely at their home. It’s about putting a lot of production value into that overall virtual event that’s going to make the impact much stronger.”

What does Clarity do to help combat challenges for presenters so they can focus on the message?


Brian tackled this question by saying that for Clarity it's always been about the people. It's the people that make such a difference and Brian said that's always been part of the culture of Clarity and who they are. Brian continued to say that, “today we are seeing a lot of virtual events that need the touch of professional people that know how to interact, know how to work with presenters, know how to work with remote attendees, and can bring that elevated experience to these virtual events. 

At Clarity, it’s always been about the people and it's so important in today’s environment that we utilize the right people: the people you trust, the people who can work with your executive teams, who can work with your marketing teams, who can help deliver that event in a way that makes you feel proud as a planner or an executive, and who represent you and your brand. At Clarity, it's not about the technology, it’s not about the software, and it's not about all the tools. It's all about the people and how they bring the message to you and your attendees.”

Now You Have Some Clarity! 

So there you have it! Now you have some clarity on Clarity's approach to virtual events. We will be back next week to talk about the platform!

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