Event Planning: Do Emotions Affect Attendee Experience?

Jan 18, 2016

Concert Attendees Experience

Do our emotions impact our experience?

Have you ever thought about how your emotions affect your satisfaction with a product or a service?  Do your feelings that day factor into the way you perceive a  product's value?  Can factors in the environment change your emotions and therefore change your experience?

When considering the purpose and agenda for your event, take note of the emotional state of your attendees and how you want them to feel when they arrive, during your event, and when the event concludes.  Emotions are strongly tied to memories and memories determine the way in which an event will be remembered over time. 

So how can you as a meeting planner or corporate executive impact the emotional state of your attendees?  There are a variety of ways to do this from how you welcome your attendees to what type of refreshments and food you serve, as well as, the experience you provide through your meeting content and  environment.  When we feel good, we are more likely to participate with others. When we are concerned or feel empathy, we are more likely to contribute our own time and energy.  You have seen these methods used during fundraisers or charity drives, and the same concept applies to corporate meetings and events.  By identifying the emotion that best matches the purpose or objective of your session, you can increase the chances of your attendees having a more impactful response and experience.  


Consider what emotions you want your attendees to feel at the of start your event and what emotions you want them to feel when the event concludes.  Then align your content, presenters, and environment around your emotional plan and you will have some great results.

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