New Tech For Live Events: Exploring Visual Technologies in AV Production

Jun 05, 2024

New Tech For Live Events: Exploring Visual Technologies in AV Production

The Evolution of Live Event Visual Production

LED Wall For Social Media At Trade Show

Think back to the best live event, conference, or trade show that you’ve ever been to. Beyond the message of the event, odds are that you were visually blown away. The audio-visual experience acts as the gateway to capturing the essence of your brand and event theme. When it comes to production, lighting, visual aids, LED, and other visual mediums help immerse and captivate attendees. Gone are the days of simple spotlights and basic color changes. New technology has revolutionized the way visual production can be utilized to enhance the overall atmosphere and impact of a show. By incorporating advanced lighting techniques and innovative equipment, event organizers can truly elevate the audience's experience and make each show better than the last. 

Clarity has been in the game for a while now, seeing the best and the worst of new technology. Today, we wanted to chat about Pixel Brick LED, Tube Lighting, and Mesh LED: some recent cool tech we’ve been seeing that could help ignite something special for your next event. This article should serve as a platform for discussing innovative tech to inspire ideas and drive progress in the live events industry. Let’s brainstorm ways to enhance your live events with visual production.

Adding Flair To Your Live Event

The use of intelligent lighting systems, LED fixtures, and digital mapping technology allows for greater flexibility and creativity in designing the lighting and visual experience for a live event. With the ability to program light sequences that can synchronize with music/video content, planners can provide visually stunning and dynamic displays that engage their audience on a whole new level.

Engage With Your Audience

Not only does modern lighting and display technology enhance the visual aspect of a live event, but it also adds a level of interactivity and immersion that can truly set a show apart. By incorporating elements such as audience-responsive lighting, interactive projections, and immersive lightscapes on LED screens, event organizers can create a multi-sensory experience that draws attendees in and leaves a lasting impression.

Overall, the use of new visual technology in AV production offers endless possibilities for creating immersive and original live events. Whether it's a concert, theater performance, corporate event, or any other type of gathering, incorporating advanced lighting and other visual production techniques can elevate the overall experience and make a show truly unforgettable. So next time you attend a live event, take a moment to appreciate the intricate and impactful role that visual mediums play in creating a memorable and engaging experience.

Pixel Brick LED

Pixel Brick LED - Example Design

Image by Clarity Experiences.

Pixel Brick LED technology is revolutionizing display and illumination in live events by offering a unique and versatile custom solution. These tile pieces can be connected to create various shapes of displays, allowing for customizable designs. While not bendable, they are cost-effective and ideal for adding elements to staged sets or stages. The technology enables the display of images and text, rather than just lighting with color options. 

When it comes to use cases, the tiles are smaller in size compared to LED walls, making them suitable for specific applications where a smaller element is needed. They can be used to display lighting cues, content animation, digital signage and way finding, and also to showcase sponsors. This technology offers a creative and immersive way to enhance event spaces and engage audiences. You can find more examples showcasing various uses of Pixel Brick LED technology at:


Tube Lighting

Astera Titan Tube LED

Image by Astera via Astera-led.

Tube Lighting technology, such as Astera tubes, is reshaping interior and exterior illumination in live events, offering a portable and versatile lighting solution. These battery-powered lights are cost-effective and provide customizable designs, making them ideal for enhancing event spaces. Astera tubes, being wireless DMX compatible, allow for dynamic light shows and interactive displays, adding a wow factor to performances. Dancers and performers can directly interact with the lights, creating a visually captivating experience. The benefits of Tube Lighting include ease of use, wireless capabilities, and the ability to create intricate light shows. Examples like the use of Astera Titan Tubes at WellSky showcase how Tube Lighting can enhance ambiance and elevate the overall visual impact of live events. Explore more about Astera Titan Tubes at


Mesh LED

Mesh LED technology is revolutionizing large-scale visual experiences in live events by offering a translucent LED display that can serve as the main centerpiece of a show. While more expensive, Mesh LED provides a unique visual effect, allowing viewers to see through the display and showcase content at the same time. It’s commonly used in general sessions, creative videos, and exhibit activations to create immersive and interactive displays. Mesh LED offers advantages such as seamless integration, high resolution, and content creativity, enabling the showcasing of 3-dimensional displays and see-through capabilities. Examples of Mesh LED enhancing event spaces can be found in various artistic and technological applications, demonstrating its potential to transform visual experiences. Explore more about Mesh LED technology through the provided links. Examples of Mesh LED enhancing experiences event spaces:

Video by Clear LED via YouTube.

More Links:

Molten Immersive Art - Eric Prydz performance at Coachella

Using The Best AV Equipment

The utilization of Pixel Brick LED, Tube Lighting, and Mesh LED technologies in AV production has significantly enhanced the immersive and original aspects of live events. Pixel bricks offer cost-effective customization, while Astera Tubes provide a more affordable alternative to building large LED walls. Mesh LED stands out for its unique translucent display, adding a different type of visual element to event spaces. Encouraging further exploration and adoption of these innovative technologies can lead to more engaging and memorable event experiences. As organizers seek to elevate their productions, leaning on Clarity for expert guidance and support in incorporating these cutting-edge technologies can ensure the success of your future events.

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