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Making Virtual A Reality: The Production Value in Clarity's Virtual Studio

by Brian Lagestee, on Aug 05, 2020

Virtual Studio Production Value & Company Value 


Hi everyone! I’m Brian, CEO of Clarity Experiences, and I am back again with our third topic in our Making Virtual a Reality blog series. I hope you enjoyed last week's blog where we talked about the different products, technical equipment, and team that is needed in a virtual studio, live and pre-recorded options, as well as live streaming and platforms.

This week, we are going to talk all about the production value, audience enthusiasm, company value, attendee value, and customer and presenter value that comes with our virtual studio. We hope you enjoy, and please leave any questions or comments you might have below! 

Production value with a virtual studio

One of the first things we wanted to talk about in this blog is the pre-production value and the event production value you get with our virtual studio. We did a virtual event with David Meltzer a few weeks back and we asked him what he experienced from the production side of the virtual event studio that made a difference in communicating his message.

David talked about how for him, it was the ability to come in the day before in a relaxed environment to rehearse and gain familiarity with the set and how it all works compared to the live event where due to logistics and travel it may be rushed or not happen at all. In our virtual studio, we provide all the presenter support you need to make you comfortable such as countdown clocks, monitors with your notes and next slide as well as a live feed of your performance so you can see what your attendees are seeing.

Audience enthusiasm in a virtual studio


Up next, we are going to talk about audience enthusiasm in a virtual environment. It’s no surprise to anyone that there is more enthusiasm and engagement in a live event than in a virtual event, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Yes, live events have a lot of emotional impact because you are bringing the attendees into the environment and you create that enthusiasm. In these virtual settings, Clarity has seen a lot of companies that just sit behind a computer and try to talk, which is how you lose a lot of that engagement with your audience.

At Clarity, we want to work towards finding a way where we can bring that enthusiasm, that energy, and that excitement into these virtual events and we think the virtual studio is the way to do it. Through our virtual studio, you can have live Q&A with your attendees, have different breakout sessions, and even allow your attendees to engage with each other! We may or may not be able to have the same live events as before for a while, or it might be a combination, so bringing that energy, enthusiasm, and excitement so that the attendees get that message is the top priority to Clarity.

Company value in a virtual studio

When talking about value and making money, a lot of folks in the events industry have been challenged with their business model being turned upside down. For the time being, companies aren’t able to get commissions from hotels for booking rooms or events, and these companies are all wondering how to recreate their business model and bring value to all the different companies they work in, work for, or support.

What Clarity wants to do is work with our clients and bring back some of these production elements so that the value of a virtual event can be enhanced and these companies can build a new business model that allows them to get paid in this time and deliver something of value to their customers. Clarity believes our virtual studio is the key to helping these event companies bounce back and get back on their feet during these tough times. 

Clarity’s vision is to help these companies deliver the same message and value in a live event, virtually. In our virtual studio, the meeting planner has a lot of room to add their value in coordinating and making these events happen. Clarity believes in bringing a more enhanced experience to all of these companies out there and give them more value so they can monetize and be able to make money as a client and give their clients value with their attendees.  

Attendee value in a virtual studio


Our virtual studio provides value for the company, and also for the attendee, which is the most important. When talking about live events, budgets typically included travel, F&B, rooms, as well as production and entertainment. Our recommendation to transition to virtual events is to build a budget similar to the live event which will allow you to create an interactive and engaging experience in the virtual setting that you can then monetize. It will all depend on how your event is funded in order to accomplish your goal. 

With our virtual studio, attendees can get a quality  experience that is as close to the live event as possible, while being completely remote. Most virtual events aren’t free, so by being able to interact and engage with other attendees and speakers, attendees get more value for their dollar and their experience! 

Presenter value in a virtual studio

Finally, we are going to talk about the presenter value that comes with using a virtual studio. Our main goal and objective here at Clarity is to make everyone feel remarkable. We want you as a presenter to come in with that energy and enthusiasm and we hope the features that come with our virtual studio, like stepping onto a stage with lights and cameras and being able to see the content moving behind you, allows not only the audience to feel remarkable, but it also gives the presenter confidence to deliver their message.

Utilize Clarity’s Virtual Studio For Your Next Event!


That’s a wrap for the third blog in the Making Virtual A Reality series! We hope this brought to light just how valuable a virtual studio can be and how much production value you can get! Next week we will be back with the final blog in the series where we are going to talk about how the virtual studio allows for easy rehearsal access, easy production, flexibility, and access to producers and the editing team. For now, if you have any questions regarding the topics we covered today or think you might want to utilize our virtual studio for your next virtual event,  give Clarity a call today!

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