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Making Virtual A Reality: Clarity's Virtual Studio is EASY!

by Brian Lagestee, on Aug 19, 2020

Virtual Studio Perks and Benefits 


Hello everyone! It’s Brian, CEO of Clarity Experiences, again and I am back with our fourth and final topic in our Making Virtual a Reality blog series. I hope you found last week's blog valuable where we talked about the production value, audience enthusiasm, company value, attendee value, and customer and presenter value that comes with our virtual studio!

This week, we are going to round out this blog series by talking all about our virtual studio perks and benefits and how every aspect of our virtual studio is going to make your life easier! I hope you find this topic to be helpful to you as you are planning your upcoming virtual events wherever they might be, local or nationwide! As always, please leave any questions or comments you might have below!

Easy studio access

One of the biggest perks of a virtual studio is the easy studio access, primarily for rehearsals. Clarity did a virtual event with David Meltzer a few weeks ago and we asked him what his overall thoughts and opinions are on the virtual studio in general and he talked a lot about the convenience of rehearsals. Our on-location studios are built to accommodate the presenters and make it easier to rehearse and practice since we are bringing the team and the studio to them. Another advantage of our on-location studios for presenters is that there are fewer distractions compared to the live environment where you may need to check into your room or jump in a meeting.

The studio environment built on-location for virtual events allows presenters more time with the production team, which results in a more polished, well-produced presentation. If you are a Southern California local, you can utilize Clarity’s very own virtual studio for your next virtual event. If you are elsewhere, don’t worry! Clarity can help you create your very own virtual studio in your office or wherever you want. The studios that we are building for our customers are either at their own office or nearby. This makes it easy for presenters to rehearse for the big day. Instead of your presenters having to fly across the country to the live event, we bring the studio environment to your presenters so you can create remarkable virtual events in your own space! 

Easy production 


In addition to easy studio access, a virtual studio also offers organized preparedness and makes things from a production standpoint easy and pain-free. David Meltzer commented on this aspect of the virtual studio by saying that most of the time the last 30 minutes of the production time are terrible for a speaker or event planner. As a planner, trying to coordinate between the production team and the talent can be extremely difficult. Making sure the slides, the videos, the content, etc. are all ready to go for the event is no doubt a stressful experience.

David Meltzer went on to talk about how as a presenter, you get to have big screens and a timer right in front of you, which is a huge advantage. From travel to rehearsal to dry cleaning, David said every aspect of a virtual studio is far superior! Taking it one step further than that, virtual studios can be built with accommodations for presenters that your audience will never see, so make your presenters comfortable and get creative with the space you have. For example, incorporate soft seating or a lounge environment, or if you have a motivational presenter, get your presenter pumped up by some fun music or graphics around the room. Get creative with the studio space and your presenters will be sure to thank you for your efforts!

Easy access to our team


Finally, if you decide to utilize a virtual studio for your next virtual event you have access to the amazing producers and editing team Clarity has, regardless of if you are local or not. If you are local, you can utilize our in-house team and they will be able to help you from start to finish. If you aren’t local, Clarity also has traveling teams that can meet you at your office or wherever you want your virtual studio to be set up and they can also help you from start to finish.

In both circumstances, we have your back. We understand going virtual is new territory and can be scary. That’s why our entire team is here to help make sure your virtual event is seamless! Our producers can help with the rehearsal process and the production side of things to make sure you, your team, and your presenters are confident and comfortable. Our editing team can create custom backdrops and edits so your virtual event is branded and shows who you are as a company!

Make Your Event EASY With A Virtual Studio

There you have it! No matter what way you look at it, using a virtual studio is going to make your life a lot easier. From the pre-production to the production, to the post-production, virtual studios help transform a virtual event from a Zoom meeting to something truly remarkable. No matter where you are located, Clarity can help you create a virtual studio that is perfect for your space.

That’s a wrap for our Making Virtual A Reality blog series. We hope you learned a lot about virtual studios and found this series helpful. If you have any questions or would like Clarity’s help in getting a virtual studio set up for your next virtual event, give us a call today!

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