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Making Virtual A Reality: The Clarity Virtual Studio Series

by Brian Lagestee, on Jul 09, 2020

Clarity’s Virtual Event Studio


Hi everyone! We had so much fun with the short video series we did that we want to start a short virtual event studio blog series called: Making Virtual A Reality: The Clarity Studio Series! In this blog series, we want to show off our virtual studio and show all of the cool things we can do to make your virtual experience truly remarkable! So keep on reading to learn a little bit about what our virtual event studio is and some of the capabilities you can have! 

What is the virtual event studio?

Let’s start with what our virtual event studio is and where it’s located. Clarity has a virtual event and recording studio located at our headquarters in Lake Forest, California. Our virtual event studio comes equipped with the technical equipment, IT framework, and team to operate it, which we will go into full detail about in the different blogs throughout this series. Local businesses in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, and Riverside County can utilize our virtual event studio for their studio space to make the production value of their virtual event remarkable. 

Is the virtual event studio mobile?



Yes, our virtual studio is completely mobile, just like how we can be mobile with live events. Clarity can build our virtual event studio anywhere. We can stream or record in a location or locations that are most convenient for you, your executives, your presenters, and your staff. We also work with other studios such as Quixote Studios to build out the necessary environments while taking advantage of some of the features of the studio setting. 

In a virtual event Clarity put on with keynote David Meltzer, one of the Q&A questions that were asked was just how mobile is Clarity Experiences? Is Clarity Experiences all over the US? From the beginning Clarity has always been about servicing and supporting their customers wherever they are located. Clarity works all over the US, Canada, and even does work in Europe.

We have a lot of capabilities, experts, and team members that can support you without needing to travel. Or, if you want to put on an event at your local headquarters or even at your home if no one is traveling at all, Clarity can have a few team members travel to support you in your local area. Needless to say, there is a lot of flexibility right now in regards to mobility and flexibility with virtual studios.  

Green screen capabilities


One of the biggest benefits of Clarity’s virtual event studio is the green screen capabilities it offers. In a studio environment, having a green screen behind you allows you to change the sets and the environment with unlimited options, which is awesome. If you are having a virtual conference, you can look like you’re standing on a stage with your presentation behind you, just like how it would look in a live event.

If you don’t want to look like you’re standing on a stage, you could have a cityscape, nature, or literally anything you want. Green screens are also a great way to brand your business and your event to the attendees watching. The digital environment also allows us to get creative on how we display the presenter content, allowing the presenter more options to add production value to their presentations. 

In the same virtual event with David Meltzer we talked about earlier, another Q&A question that was asked was if the two people sitting next to each other answering the questions were together or in separate locations. For that particular virtual event, the speakers were in the same room sitting next to each other.

However, they could very easily be in two separate locations and look like they are sitting next to each other in the same room. The cool thing about green screens is that we can put anyone into a green screen environment and put them on stage together, even if they are in a completely different city!

Moderator backgrounds & presenter kits


We talked a little bit about green screens for presenters and panelists, but what about moderator backgrounds? If your virtual event requires a moderator that can’t be there in person, we can also easily adjust their background to match the other speakers or the moderator could have a different custom background. This is especially beneficial today where a lot of people don’t want to leave their house. We can easily incorporate them from the comfort of their own home or wherever they might be.

In the virtual event Clarity did with keynote David Meltzer, there was a remote moderator who had a different background than the two live speakers. Clarity could have easily incorporated the moderator into their virtual environment and kept consistent backgrounds. However, they decided to keep the backgrounds different which is also very easy to do. 

To incorporate a remote member into a virtual environment, Clarity sends a kit to the remote presenters that includes a webcam, ring light, microphone, and green screen, all of which are simple and easy to use. In doing that, we can bring the moderator in and make them part of the presentation just like the live speakers.

We can bring presenters from any space, enhance the background, or keep the background like they are working from home, which is a pure choice of the customer. Clarity sees a lot of customers who like to use a step and repeat at home so they can get their brand behind them and keep it consistent! 

How Clarity Can Help Your Virtual Experience

That’s a wrap for our first blog in the Making Virtual a Reality: The Clarity Studio Series! I hope this answered any questions you might have had about what the virtual studio looks like, whether or not it’s mobile, and learning about some of the capabilities it offers.

We will be back next week with the second blog where we will talk about product equipment, technical equipment, live and pre-recorded content, live-streaming, platforms, and more. You don’t want to miss it! In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding topics from this first blog or might be interested in working with Clarity Experiences for your next virtual event, reach out today!

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