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Apr 22, 2020

Clarity has the Resources to Help With More Than Event AV Production


As hotels, meeting planners like yourselves, and audiovisual production companies assess the impact the virus is having in the industry, we are unfortunately seeing thousands of furloughs and layoffs taking place which will impact the industry now and into the future.

Our hearts go out to those affected by this virus and we hope many of those workers that have been laid off can return to work soon. In one of our recent blogs, we talked about how we are staying positive as a company and that still stands! We discussed how this will pass and things will go back to normal, at least a new normal.

The hope in the market is that the fall events are going to come back, in some fashion. They will most likely have some people attending live and some people attending virtually. Whatever the case is, we have a lot of work to do! What we haven’t addressed yet is once live events and meetings start up again, the challenges you might be faced with, like finding the help you need if your hotel contact or AV rep has been laid off or furloughed. 

As a meeting planner, Clarity anticipates getting the answers you need might be tricky over the next several months, but we are here to help you! We are more than your average AV team and can not only help on the AV side, like set design, production, and lighting, we also have the resources to help you choose the right hotel and to negotiate contracts for a postponed event!

The Clarity team is fully equipped to handle anything thrown at us


Here at Clarity, culture is the most important thing to us. We view everyone as family and we are making sure to keep our team intact. Clarity is fortunate enough to have worked in hundreds of hotels across the country, and we have most likely done events at the hotel you are planning to hold your event.

The Clarity team is still fully employed during this crisis with account executives, producers, and project managers who are all available to help you with the planning for your event. Regardless of the hotel or AV company you are currently using, we have all the resources you may need during this time when your normal resources may not be available.

We can review your diagrams, discuss proper seating with social distancing, determine what space your event will fit in, and help negotiate the rescheduling of your event. Clarity cares about this industry and we believe live events are an integral part of our society that will continue. We may have to modify how we meet and attend conferences, however, together we will find our way back!

Review your diagrams


Clarity can help figure out the best space plan, which can be challenging when taking into consideration some social distancing practices. As a meeting planner, if you are one of the groups that decide to hold your event, you will have the leverage and should be able to request different space to help accommodate your group.

Figuring out what you need, what the room will look like, and how the people, tables, and AV production will fit sounds like fun, right? Maybe not so much. However, we think it is fun and we would gladly take that headache from you and own it. We have an awesome design team that rocks and can help put together the diagrams and renderings you need, which is just one of the many perks when working with Clarity. 

Most AV companies turn to the hotels themselves to create their diagrams, but they often don’t have production in mind when drawing them up, which could lead to problems. We created our internal design team as part of the Clarity family a long time ago so we can work directly with you on our concepts and ideas.

Our team of designers and account executives can help you figure out all of the details of rescheduling your event by working with the hotels to find the best space that will work for our event.

Discuss proper seating with social distancing


Once live events and meetings do return, meeting planners might be faced with new social distancing rules that have been put in place. Is the 6’ distance going to stay in place? We have no idea, but we are ready for anything.

Clarity can help you implement these new rules in your meeting or event. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. You can get back to focusing on your event and you can leave us to deal with these new rules and regulations.  

The Clarity Team has Resources for You! 

So there you have it! As a meeting planner, you have a lot of needs and Clarity can be your go-to team for most of them. We are not only an AV company, but we also have a design team, a sales team, producers, and have successful hotel negotiation tactics. We have the resources to help you with all things during this time where resources you depend on might not be available.

We have been fortunate enough to keep our team together, which means we have a full staff that is here to answer the phones and help you in any way we can! Reach out to us today or schedule an appointment. We want to know how we can help YOU get through this time!

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