Clarity AV Production Insights & Advice Video Series - Episode 4

Welcome to video series episode 4! I am back with Brian and Gary from Clarity Experiences! For the last few weeks, we have been talking to you guys about some AV insights and advice for meeting planners around virtual events. This week we want to flip the script. We want to hear from you about your insights and your advice on upcoming events for the fall. Here is a link to a survey where we are going to ask a couple of questions. If you could take a few minutes to fill them out and let us know your input on the event industry. The survey includes the following topics:

      • Your current viewpoint on fall 2020 events
      • Once live events make a full comeback, the health precautions you would like to see   

AV Production - Insights & Advice: Episode 4


What are some of the survey options?

To start, we want to know what your current viewpoint is on fall events. We have three options that we have defined and then a fourth option that's an open text field and we appreciate your input. 

  • Option A: As long as the airlines open up again, I still intend on having my fall event
  • Option B: I plan on converting my fall event either into a hybrid event, where there is a live portion and virtual portion or make it 100% virtual, but the event is still happening
  • Option C: I am going to postpone/cancel my fall event and move it to the fall of 2021
  • Option D: Open text field if A-C don’t apply

Once live events make a full comeback, what would you like to see to protect the health of your attendees and your staff?


This question is pertaining to those of you that are planning on having your event in the fall. We want to know what types of safety concerns you would like to have put in place by venue and hotel to protect the health of those attending. Please select every option that applies.

  • I would like the staff to wear masks
  • I would like the attendees to wear masks
  • I would like to have a temperature scanner for attendees
  • I would like there to be a secondary screening with a health professional to check health statuses
  • I would like to see meals served individually rather than have a buffet
  • I would like to have a quarantine area where people who are feeling sick can get checked out and then be isolated from the rest of the group
  • Do you feel a need to separate the seats in the different meeting rooms and break out rooms to maintain social distancing?

Please check any that apply and add any others you might like to see, that way we can get a lot of information about what you would like to see put in place for the health and safety of your attendees for meetings that will come up in the fall.

How will we discuss the results of the survey with our viewers?


We care so much about the industry and we want to just gather as much of the responses as we can. On our next video series, we will tell you all the results that we got, we will discuss each question in-depth, and we will post and publish the results that we found from the survey. We hope everyone participates so we can give some of your knowledge back to the community for live events.

Please share this survey on your social channels as well as email your friends in the industry. We would love to get as many results as we can so we can share that with you in the following series. Thank you all for watching! Please click the link, take the survey, we want to hear from you! We will be back next week to discuss the results! 

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