AV Production in Denver: EL Education Success Story

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AV Production In Denver: EL Education Success Story

Shaping the Attendee Experience with AV Solutions

General Session Main Stage With LED Screens

In the busy event planning world, where every decision holds the power to shape the attendee experience, EL Education found themselves looking for an AV production partner who could bring their annual signature event to a new height of impact.

Understanding the Client's Goals for the Event

Lighting Setup With AV Crew

EL Education’s mission is to transform diverse public schools into hubs of opportunity for all students to achieve excellent, equitable outcomes. Attendees of this type of event consist of teachers, school leaders, education thought leaders, and decision-makers for school districts across the country. The twist in this story is that the entire event of EL Education is student-informed, student-designed, and student-led. It’s an amazing feat to put on a live event, but to do it with students is a massive and unbelievable undertaking. 

When it comes to vision, EL Education has clear event goals: to empower, inspire, and transform the education field for the better. With a focus on student speakers and instructional practices, they want to make a difference in K-12 schools by hosting events that ignite a movement through K-12 schools nationwide. When we heard about what they do, we couldn’t help but want to participate!

From Small Beginnings to a Brilliant Partnership

AV Technician Setting Up LED Wall Tiles

The initial connection between EL Education and Clarity was at an industry event in Detroit. We kept in contact with the client after the event and worked at growing our relationship. Eventually, the perfect opportunity arose when we were invited to a site visit with them and it became clear that our companies would work really well together. The ongoing connection between us was invaluable to EL Education as it allowed them to brainstorm and create the ideal production for their event leveraging our team’s expertise.

Benefits of a Flexible AV Production Team

General Session ELevate Front Of House Sound Board

EL Education dealt with the challenges of  rising costs and limited resources when planning their event. However they knew it was critical that  their signature event’s production matched their organization's vision. They were determined to find an AV partner who could meet their needs.

As the event planning unfolded, Clarity's creative team served as a huge resource for their program, providing creative solutions for any logistical intricacies and budgetary constraints and alleviating work from EL Education's internal teams so they could enjoy and experience the show themselves. The rest of the crew came together to bridge any remaining gaps, such as providing a last-minute Stage Manager. This helped streamline communication channels to and from the participating speakers to ensure a seamless flow of presentations.

Successful AV Production and Partnership

ELevate General Session Main Stage With LED Walls

They say event planning takes a village and this event was truly successful because of our expert AV crew and the wonderful team over at EL Education. Early on in the planning stage, our producer created a milestone document for the client to serve as a time management resource to meet specific production deadlines. Additionally, our support in stage management, graphic creation, and active involvement in the planning process not only saved some funds for the client but also elevated their event experience beyond their expectations.

Other AV companies in the industry may occasionally gloss over the fact that event planners and other non-production-related firms seek our assistance precisely because they require our expertise. It’s crucial for AV providers to grasp their client’s objectives, brand identity, and vision to offer the best possible AV solutions. Building a positive relationship with a potential client can be the differentiating factor between being viewed as a mere technical provider and a long-term AV partner.

Work With Clarity Experiences

Clarity Crew At EL Education ELevate Main Stage

At Clarity, our focus is on providing exceptional live event experiences for our clients and attendees. Our team of technicians brings diverse expertise from various AV backgrounds in different industries to deliver top-notch solutions. By combining your vision with innovative thinking, we can collaborate to craft a truly immersive and memorable experience for your attendees. If you're interested in partnering with us, simply request a free quote to kickstart your journey towards extraordinary live events.

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