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Nov 22, 2016

 Calm, collected, and confident. These 3 attributes describe the way every presenter should feel before going on stage. Of course your presenter might have pre-show butterflies, but they should be confident they have everything they need before going on stage. The following are 3 things every presenter should have while presenting, to give them the confidence they need.

1. PRESENTATIONPresentation | Clarity Experiences

Every presenter should have their presentation displayed on a confidence monitor. If your presenters don't have their presentation in front of them, their natural reaction will be to look back to see what is on the screens behind them. With the presentation in front of them, they can focus on your audience, rather than the screens behind them.

2. NOTESNotes | Clarity Experiences

A presenter's notes are important for them to reference data, side notes, the bio of the next presenter, and other information not contained on the slide deck. Having another confidence monitor containing your presenter's notes will allow your presenters to more easily access their notes. Instead of going back to the lectern to read off an laptop, iPad, or piece of paper, your presenter's notes are right in front of them. This allows your presenter to face forward and reference any information they need without breaking contact with your audience.

Note: Similarly, you can also use a confidence monitor as a teleprompter or script for your presenters. 

Timer | Clarity Experiences3. TIMER

How many times have presenters gone beyond the time limit? Considering this is the professional world and the presenters aren't college or high school students looking to run of the stage the second the minimum time requirement is met. A presenter running late is quite common. Giving your presenters a timer with their confidence monitor will help them keep on track and keep your event on time. A timer for your presenter is a simple addition and will save you many headaches.


Giving your presenters what they need isn't about the equipment you have, but the way you use it. Ultimately the goal is to create a great all around experience for your audience, presenter, and yourself. And lastly, set your presenter up for success, since their success insures your success as a meeting planner.

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